Hi, I’m Marilyn, I invented MD’s Health Grip, you may have seen them. They are popping up everywhere, Ohio, Oklahoma, Washington, Texas, Florida, even Australia. They’re stylish, cute, even trendy, but the best thing is, they work. Why should you want one? Because fecal matter, urine, mucus, semen, blood, and many types of bacteria, and viruses are found on the shopping cart handle, and everyone uses the shopping cart.  Because the Center for Disease Control tells us that hands are the number one cause for the spread of disease. Because Harvard School of Public Health tells us that 70% of the population don’t wash their hands after using the toilet. If that’s not enough reason, consider the testing Arizona State University did on 800 publicly touched objects. Their findings showed that the worst contaminated objects were hand rails on public buses, and shopping cart handles. That means when you put your hands on a shopping cart handle, you are placing them in a microbial soup of all the nasty things I just mentioned. Ever wonder why you got sick when you only went to the grocery store? Oh, and those hand wipes we use to disinfect the handle? What they don’t tell you in the commercial is that the area you are cleaning needs to stay wet from 4 to 10 minutes to disinfect. So, what are we doing wiping down the shopping cart handle?  Making germ stew?  MD’s Health Grip weighs about 1 oz., is soft, easy to use, will save you a lot of money, and costs about as much as two over the counter boxes of cold medicine.


MD’s Health Grip is a patented barrier between the germs found on the shopping cart handle, and those who use it.

Cut away view


  • Light weight foam rubber core
  • Three sealed surfaces, outside, inside, and inside foam rubber sponge surface, this gives liquid impermeable protection on three surfaces.
  • Cloth cover on the outside
  • Grip webbing on the inside to help keep it in place.
  • Two Velcro securing straps
  • A finger pull loop on the end for easy removal from the cart handle.

The core is formed into a tube with a slit down the side to easily place, and remove it from the handle. The tube closes in around the sponge so one never has to touch the inside. The sponge is for disinfectant should one desire to use it. MD’s Health Grip comes in a variety of cover patterns. When soiled hand wash, and hang to dry.